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Pass It On Undercoating Inc.

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Platinum Rust Proofing and Undercoating in Automotive

Pass It On Undercoating Inc.

1305 Kelly Lake Rd Unit #5
Sudbury, ON    P3E 5P5

Pass It On Undercoating Inc.

Fluid Film is like no other product.
Fluid Film adheres and penetrates all metals by displacing moisture.

Winter applications are also a great time to undercoat your vehicle as all moisture on your vehicle is frozen and comes off easily.
Fluid Film can be applied at any time of the year.
Fluid Film still adheres to your vehicle.

It penetrates the pores of the metal locking itself into place upon contact.
It will creep close to 9 inches, ensuring contact with all metals.

We specialize in undercoating and only undercoating.

OPENED all year around.

Fluid Film is dripless and STOPS all DETERIORATION ON CONTACT.

Fluid Film eliminates the destructive corrosive effects of harsh minerals and chemicals such as SALT, BRINE SOLUTIONS, salt air, acid, calcium, sodium chloride, fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides.

STOPS - Steel from RUSTING.
STOPS - Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper, Tin, Bronze, and Zinc from OXIDIZING.
STOPS - Chrome and Brass from PITTING.

Fluid Film is Non-Conductive and Non-Hazardous also Non-Toxic.

It’s safe for humans and animals and won’t hurt the environment. Environmentally Friendlier

No Solvents Non-Hazardous
Non-Toxic Used Vehicles

New Vehicles

REFERRALS - 10% Discount for each Customer. (Some rules to follow)
On your next undercoating appointment.

You refer them. They become a customer too. So, "Pass It On" and earn a discount too.


"Doing it Right"